Weird, useless yet awesome talent

Another talented man makes it in my top list of people I admire. This guy is just awesome in too may ways to describe in my modest blog.

In other news a stupid jerkoff jerkface cop gave me a ticket today for rollerskating in the street – and I’m not even doing cool tricks or damaging property, just using it as a way of transportation. The guy tells me “it’s dangerous, there are drunk drivers at this time of night” – so he gives ME a ticket because there are drunk drivers on the street! Since I’m a very mature person and a great artist I drew this dramatization of the situation.

dramatisation of stupid jerkface jerkoff cop and me

The conversation went something like this:
Cop: Hey you roller skating fairy, what the fuck?!
Me: I’m not a fairy sir, I’m a man.
Cop: shut up, I’ll give you a ticket for skating like a fairy you fairy!
Me: But… But…
Cop: Mouahahahahha! Feels great to be a jerkoff jerkface!
Me: *starts crying and poops his pants*

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