SUCCESS! I just figured how to make the printer cancel a printing job!

So I got angry at my printer today and wrote the thing below and posted it on reddit. Seems like I’m not the only who totally hates printers. So I thought it would be only fair to my blog to actually repost it here too. Posting every 6 months has become hard to keep up with so I’m recycling stuff I post on reddit.

Also, what’s up with all the ads on my blog, I don’t remember putting so many on. To be investigated at some point in the next six months.

So here’s the premium version of my post, for my blog readers’ eyes only:

SUCCESS! I just figured how to make the printer cancel a printing job!

I just figured it out and since I’m probably not the only one in the situation, I thought it would be a good idea to share. The trick is to follow these 10 steps as soon as you realize you must cancel a print job:

1. Push the cancel button 5-6 times really quickly.

2. Go in printer setting and click “Pause” printer, then “Cancel” job, then “Delete” job, then uninstall printer.

3. At this point, the printer should still be printing so remove all the paper in the tray to make sure it can’t print anymore.

4. Turn Off Printer

5. Restart Computer

6. Turn On Printer, put the papers you already printed in the tray so as not to waste paper.

7. At this point the printer will restart printing anywhere from 10 pages up to the entire document you started printing so go back to step #6 every time you run out of paper in the tray.

8. At this point, the reuse of the paper will make the printer jam and temporarily stop the printing process.

9. Turn printer off again, and unplug it.

10. Bring it to the backyard and smash it into pieces with your bare knuckles while tears stream down your cheeks.

And here’s a link to the non premium, reddit version.

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