Some Truth to Palin’s Hilarious Alaskan Joke

Who am I not to jump on the Palin bandwagon? Just watch me!

So what’s the difference between Palin and a pit bull? Apparently I was a fool to think that one is a vicious dog known for ripping children faces off and the other one a terrible running mate choice for a terrible presidential candidate. The right answer is lipstick! Of course! I only heard it twenty billion times per day for two weeks now.

Anyway, upon further investigation it appears to me that this joke actually has some truth to it! I’ve prepared this little image to illustrate my point:

Palin is a pit bull with lipstick

*How do you like the Obama head in there? I like it!

To come back to McCain-Palin. As much as I hate myself writing this, I must say I admire the Republicans. To me it seems that the Republicans are trying, and succeeding, to prove to the world that they can make the American people buy whatever they say. I truly believe they found it too easy with Bush four years ago and now they are trying to make things a bit more challenging.

No other party in the world could pull off passing its 72 year old candidate of the same party in power for the past 8 years and who had mostly voted with those people in power for the last 8 years, as an agent of change! At this point I think they could show a cat on Fox News, call it a dog, and everyone would buy it – they could call it a friggin’ space rocket and there would be people getting ready for the launch. It’s just too easy, why else would they nominate as vice president a rightfully unknown small town mayor turned small state governor with a dangerously antiqued set of values and without any experience or knowledge on the economy and foreign relations, and who until two weeks ago was rightfully unknown and of little importance. A woman that up until recently didn’t even know what a vice president did.

I can only imagine the feeling of having so much power in my hands. I guess if I had the same power I would do the same: abuse it for my own personal gain. Who can blame them?

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