How the fuck can he swallow a dozen cigarettes

Smoking is bad for you… unless you can swallow a dozen cigarettes and make a show of it! I don’t usually gag while watching videos (except for that video with the two girls that only had one cup)… but every time I see him swallow those tissues and then some more smokes…. This guy is pure genius:

Apparently cigarettes cause cancer but I guess cancer is a small price to pay for perfecting such an awesome variety act!

While on the “smoking” question, I do have a issue at the moment. Next week my girlfriend and I are going to Cuba for a weeklong vacation. Cuba is well known for their cigars… and cigars are well known for getting better taster after being temprarily stored into a… bagina. If Bill Clinton did it, so should I!

On one hand, I am fortunate enough to have access to a bagina – my girlfriend has one. On the other hand, I am quite unsure about the proper way to pop the question.

Part of me thinks I should just be straight forward: “Can I store this cigar in your bagina for a moment?”. The other part of me thinks I should beat around the bush until she gives in: “Hey darling girlfriend of mine, love of my life pretty princess…. can I put this cigar in your hot hot bagina?”

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