How come no one told me women could do that!

I am totally puzzled by this video:
(To dismiss any possible doubts – she’s not doing those sounds with her butt. She’s using her… magical tunnel of a thousand pleasures… )

Video provided by the stupid morons at

How come no one ever bothered to tell me women could do that? And more importantly, why aren’t more women whistling with their baginas (I’ll use bagina instead of the “v” word just so I don’t get barred by the almighty Christian Search Engine ). Imagine the possibilities, and endless joke opportunities! Why in the world would women not take full advantage of such an awesome skill. Imagine if men could whistle with their benises – we would be whistling 24/7 every day! Benis symphonies would be composed, choruses, Olympic events… I guess it’s just in the nature of women, always doing everything they can not to use their bagina’s!

The other question this video arouses is: how probable is it that she could actually learn to talk with it at some point? Whistling isn’t that far from talking, if parrots can do it why not baginas? Although interesting this possiblity is very very scary. Just imagine what would happen to the world if all of the sudden, women would have TWO talking orifices!

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