Crocodile stomach for a green earth

I’ve been thinking of several ways to save the environment in the past few years – but now that I have a brand new blog I thought I’d share some of my findings. This one would make Al Gore very happy.

So I’ve amassed incredible amounts of useful knowledge over my lifetime, one of the most interesting things I learned was that crocodiles have one of the strongest stomachs of the animal kingdom. Apparently they can digest almost anything, even bones and in some cases metal. It’s hard to believe, I know, but I’ve heard it on so many occasions it’s safe to consider it a proved fact.

So why would this information make Al Gore happy? I imagine you asking.

Strong-stomached crocodiles could be used to reduce our footprint on the environment, of course! I imagine myself answering.

According to my calculations, only 10 crocodiles per household would suffice to turn all that domestic waste into fertile crocodile poo which can then be used to grow trees. This way we solve four crisis’ at the same time: world deforestation, climate change, landfill overflowing and dwindling crocodile populations.

I know this sounds ridiculous… ridiculously genius that is!

i’ve prepared this little image to illustrate my point:

Saving the world, one crocodile at a time!

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