A new take on the old stupid flash pic

I saw this stupid pic with flash, pic without flash picture coming back on digg for the thirty million billionth time. I got rather angry.
So I did the only sensible to do in my situation, I went out and smacked the hell out of some guy walking his dog.

My anger being released, I fired up my obviously legitimate $649 copy of Photoshop and decided to get back at those people posting this pic by making a slightly different yet of similar taste picture.

This will show them!

Below is a lengthy explanation, mostly for humorous purposes but also for those of you who are morons:
This picture is funny because in both the name of the super hero “Flash” and the application “Flash” is “Flash” and if you don’t have the “Flash” application you get an error, such as the one in the bottom picture. Moreover, the background is black which might indicate that no camera flash was used when the picture was taken – although we all know it is not an actual picture taken with a camera.
Now that you understand this very subtle humoristic piece of art, you may roll on the floor laughing if you so desire.

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