Stick figures cartoons IN HIGH DEFINITION

So I was about to watch this YouTube:

The thumbnail made me suspect the video could be rather hilarious. Always careful as I am, I put away all sharp objects in my room so I could safely roll on the floor while laughing if need be. As I clicked play, I quickly started to laugh out loud and even laughed my ass off for a while but then I noticed something even funnier than the video itself! There was a pretentious little link on the bottom right suggesting to watch the video in “high quality”.

Stick figures in high quality heh? That’s rather humorous! Perhaps even ironic, although I was unsure if irony was the most appropriate rhetorical device in this case – Wikipedia couldn’t help find a figure of speech meaning “a link on a popular video website rendered seemingly irrelevant due to the obviously low quality of the associated video content” nevertheless it did teach me to use “rhetorical device” in a sentence. In any case, I thought this would be a perfect post for my uber trendy new blog. I was imagining myself juxtaposing two screenshots and asking, thong in cheek, “do you see the difference” and then cleverly pointing out, the thong still in my cheek, that one of the two identical screenshots was IN HIGH DEFINITION! that’s right! KABOOM!!!! Take that stupid Leonardo DiCaprio! I was already dreaming of the first page of digg and reddit, the new york times, a full pager on Forbes top10 hottest buns on the internet, maybe even a digg repost a few weeks later or perhaps… the unthinkable: a digg double post!

My plan was perfect and step one involved taking some screenshots. That’s when the sky fell on my head! THE HIGH DEF STICK FIGURES ACTUALLY LOOK BETTER!!!! Damn you Mr YouTube! I guess that’s why he’s a billion dollar video sharing website and I’m some guy writing a a blog while watching the Olympics. Lucky for me beach volley was on and I mustered enough will power to write this stupid post twice, yeah twice, don’t ask why but I did write this twice. I’m hoping it can serve as testimonial for my shattered dreams and lifelong unbroken chain of failures.

stupid low def video

fuckin high def video

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