Sarah Palin approves of Idaho’s Cheerleaders

So I was going through some soft core pornish pictures today – or as some people call it “retro bikini advertisements” when a though occurred! Why not put Sarah Palin’s head on this picture! I quickly dismissed ridiculous reasons such as “am actually supposed to work”, “Sarah Palin deserves more respect” or “girlfriend hates me because I spend all my time putting Sarah Palin’s head on bikini models” and this is what I cam up with.

Sarah Palin in a bikini

Granted I’m not the Michelangelo of photoshop but I fancy myself an awesome artist anyway – at least when it comes to putting heads on bikini models.

In other Palin news – according to world renowned news organization “Fox”, Sarah Palin says she approves Idaho’s cheerleaders adoption of the two piece suit. I think this will be a deciding factor for me and I can’t thank Fox News enough for distracting me away from the facts and letting me associate Palin’s name with sexy cheerleaders. Sorry Barrack, but you can hit on issues and yap about change and hope for a better future all you want, it is my duty as a white american of lower average smarts to vote with my benis.

vote republican

While on the subject of benises and women with questionable morals, I was overjoyed today to find this headline on Digg “Spears Breastfeeding!” – holy crap, quickly let’s click and see if I can get a glimpse of Britney breastfeeding. Perhaps I can get some weird sexual arousal/remorse out of it. Ohhh…  What was my disapointment to see that it was actually an article about her younger-hotter-not-yet-as-depraved sister Jamie-Lynn… And to learn that the pictures were actually “missing” as opposed to “plastered all over the internet”

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