The Imponderables will be staying up as long as the donations keep coming in. These guys are going to get paranoid any time now. Lets keep them awake!

Super-late-update: this is over, they made a shitload of money… hurray for sick kids!!

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The rise and fall of easter philosophy within renaissance society

I’m not going to elaborate on why, but I had to make the three photoshops below so I could save one of my testicles.

I forgot to add captions to this one but it should say something on the lines of “Hey look at me I’m an iguana dressed in a cop suite, la di da!” or something like that.

One time I woke up only to realize that my head had exploded during the night. Fortunately it was a wednesday and everything turned out fine.

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Slim pants for men

WTF is up with the new trend???

elephant head - slim pants

elephant head - slim pants

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Sibliminal-Fox: Firefox pushing left wing liberal agenda

Just as I try to become a better person by reading some interesting articles, firefox hits me in the face with appalling left wing propaganda. Can you see it?

I’m pretty sure Mr Hussein Obama and his terrorist friend McCain keeps talking about are behind this. Time to ditch the sarcastic McCain 2008 T-Shirt and replace it with a brand new non sarcastic McCain 2008 T-Shirt!

Click on it unless you have really really good eyes.

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It’s the end of the world!

I didn’t post anything in the last few days as I was busy trying to fix this ongoing financial apocalypse – I suspended my blog for the good of the world. But now I’m pretty confident it’s fixed so I’m back blogging.

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Sarah Palin approves of Idaho’s Cheerleaders

So I was going through some soft core pornish pictures today – or as some people call it “retro bikini advertisements” when a though occurred! Why not put Sarah Palin’s head on this picture! I quickly dismissed ridiculous reasons such as “am actually supposed to work”, “Sarah Palin deserves more respect” or “girlfriend hates me because I spend all my time putting Sarah Palin’s head on bikini models” and this is what I cam up with.

Sarah Palin in a bikini

Granted I’m not the Michelangelo of photoshop but I fancy myself an awesome artist anyway – at least when it comes to putting heads on bikini models.

In other Palin news – according to world renowned news organization “Fox”, Sarah Palin says she approves Idaho’s cheerleaders adoption of the two piece suit. I think this will be a deciding factor for me and I can’t thank Fox News enough for distracting me away from the facts and letting me associate Palin’s name with sexy cheerleaders. Sorry Barrack, but you can hit on issues and yap about change and hope for a better future all you want, it is my duty as a white american of lower average smarts to vote with my benis.

vote republican

While on the subject of benises and women with questionable morals, I was overjoyed today to find this headline on Digg “Spears Breastfeeding!” – holy crap, quickly let’s click and see if I can get a glimpse of Britney breastfeeding. Perhaps I can get some weird sexual arousal/remorse out of it. Ohhh…  What was my disapointment to see that it was actually an article about her younger-hotter-not-yet-as-depraved sister Jamie-Lynn… And to learn that the pictures were actually “missing” as opposed to “plastered all over the internet”

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Some Truth to Palin’s Hilarious Alaskan Joke

Who am I not to jump on the Palin bandwagon? Just watch me!

So what’s the difference between Palin and a pit bull? Apparently I was a fool to think that one is a vicious dog known for ripping children faces off and the other one a terrible running mate choice for a terrible presidential candidate. The right answer is lipstick! Of course! I only heard it twenty billion times per day for two weeks now.

Anyway, upon further investigation it appears to me that this joke actually has some truth to it! I’ve prepared this little image to illustrate my point:

Palin is a pit bull with lipstick

*How do you like the Obama head in there? I like it!

To come back to McCain-Palin. As much as I hate myself writing this, I must say I admire the Republicans. To me it seems that the Republicans are trying, and succeeding, to prove to the world that they can make the American people buy whatever they say. I truly believe they found it too easy with Bush four years ago and now they are trying to make things a bit more challenging.

No other party in the world could pull off passing its 72 year old candidate of the same party in power for the past 8 years and who had mostly voted with those people in power for the last 8 years, as an agent of change! At this point I think they could show a cat on Fox News, call it a dog, and everyone would buy it – they could call it a friggin’ space rocket and there would be people getting ready for the launch. It’s just too easy, why else would they nominate as vice president a rightfully unknown small town mayor turned small state governor with a dangerously antiqued set of values and without any experience or knowledge on the economy and foreign relations, and who until two weeks ago was rightfully unknown and of little importance. A woman that up until recently didn’t even know what a vice president did.

I can only imagine the feeling of having so much power in my hands. I guess if I had the same power I would do the same: abuse it for my own personal gain. Who can blame them?

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How to build Google Chrome on Ubuntu

So I’ve released a screen cast with instructions on how to build Google Chrome on Linux using the Chromium source code and modifying it slightly. It’s actually quite simple to do and it should work with most Linux distributions with minor adjustments. Please note that the instructions are meant for people who have some experience compiling applications on Linux and applying simple patches to a source code.

Click here for screencast.

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A new take on the old stupid flash pic

I saw this stupid pic with flash, pic without flash picture coming back on digg for the thirty million billionth time. I got rather angry.
So I did the only sensible to do in my situation, I went out and smacked the hell out of some guy walking his dog.

My anger being released, I fired up my obviously legitimate $649 copy of Photoshop and decided to get back at those people posting this pic by making a slightly different yet of similar taste picture.

This will show them!

Below is a lengthy explanation, mostly for humorous purposes but also for those of you who are morons:
This picture is funny because in both the name of the super hero “Flash” and the application “Flash” is “Flash” and if you don’t have the “Flash” application you get an error, such as the one in the bottom picture. Moreover, the background is black which might indicate that no camera flash was used when the picture was taken – although we all know it is not an actual picture taken with a camera.
Now that you understand this very subtle humoristic piece of art, you may roll on the floor laughing if you so desire.

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Angry German Kid Freaking Out – Techno Remix

At my work I’m well known for listening to ridiculous techno remixes in a loop while working. I listened to “this is spartaaaaaa techno remix” for 6-8 hours a day for about three weeks. Although it probably did irreparable damage to my ears, brain and love life, I have no regrets. Today I found a new song (new for me anyway) – a spectacular techno remix of the good old Angry German Kid – especially the last 45s.

While on the subject of Angry German Kids, I read this study that 98% of Angry German Kids play violent games. Actually I made that up but it’s still a pretty shocking statistic!

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