Something Wrong With Diggers!

Something’s really wrong with some diggers (or perhaps Digg?).

12 Days ago I submitted a blog article on digg, it was a blog entry that gave step by step instructions on “How to crack WEP wifi keys”.

I thought it was pretty interesting, others didn’t think so. It did get to about 137 diggs before it mysteriously disappeared from the top upcoming stories section (in whichever section I submitted it).

Anyways, no big deal, I didn’t mind too much. The problem is that I wanted to submit another blog entry from that same exact blog, and I got this message: “This URL has been widely reported by users as being regularly used to spam Digg’ submission process and cannot be submitted at this time” (See image)
This url has been...

So three reasons could explain that:
1- Diggers buried and labeled the story as “Spam”.
2- Digg decided to censor the story (highly doubt it)
3- A nuclear fusion experiment went wrong causing electromagnetic interference with the data center, mysteriously labeling the URL as a spam URL.

Well, I don’t think that Digg censored it. But if indeed Digg users have labeled as a spam Blog, then I beg you to have a second look!
1- Where are the ads?
2- Where are the links pointing to make-money-while-doing-nothing scams?
3- Where is the plagiarized content?
4- Where can you find a single indication that this story might be spam?

So here is my message to the diggers who (might have) labeled that blog as spam:
By incorrectly labeling a submission as “spam” instead of “Ok, This is lame” or anything else, you might quite possibly become the next major cause of censorship of an ENTIRE BLOG on

Before you hit that “bury – spam” button, better ask yourself whether it’s actually spam or just a story you don’t like.

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