My head hurts like a bastard

I’m not sure if “like a bastard” is a generally accepted form of pain but I think it describes pretty well the feeling I have in my head. I feel like there is a little mining gnome inside my head chopping away at my skull trying to get into my sweet sweet neck. So, instead of finishing the work I have to do and going to sleep, what do I do, I procrastinate by writing more of this nonsense no one reads anyway. That’s right, this whole blog is only a form of procrastination!

I received tons of mail asking for me to post a picture, mainly from very very hot women… actually I didn’t but I find it easier to justify putting my picture on my blog by placing the blame on you, my millions of nonexistent devoted fans who wonder what I look like.

So to answer the question: To get a good picture, in your head, mix Hilary Swank and Alicia Keys, then turn that mix into an 1337 h4x0r and add a large cigar.

I look like 1337 Alicia Keys and h4x0r Hilary Swank

One thing I find really funny is people doing really bad jokes and then seeking approval from the others by going “huh? huh?”.

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