Goat that yells like a man

I know, judging solely on my writing I probably appear to be some sort of superior intellectual awesome artist… which I am… but I am also a man of the people and this is why I really enjoy this goat that yells like a man.




While we’re on the subject of human-goat creatures, I’m also a fan of Ann Coulter:

I found this picture of Ann at her best but I replaced her legs with prettier ones. Unfortunately, couldn’t do much about the face.

Although I know she’s a horrible person, what kills me is that she’s probably having a lot of fun doing the terrible things she does. I wish one day I could be like her, get rid of all remains of my conscience so I can be mean to people and sleep well at night.

On an unrelated subject, I’ve always wondered what a cancerous tumor would taste like. Not a human one because I wouldn’t eat human meat but a pig’s tumor or a beef one. I suspect it would be delicious only if you don’t know it’s a cancerous tumor. If I was to feed a cancerous tumor to someone, I would tell that person that the meat has been marinated – it would seem like the appropriate thing to do.

On another unrelated subjects, I strongly believe TV remotes have too many buttons these days.

I wish I could grow a goat that yells like a man… maybe one day.

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